YakMe Mobile Messenger App

On a busy afternoon, We got a call from one of our great clients that were in need of creative assistance on a project that they’ve been wanting to bring to life…..They wanted to create a unique mobile messenger app that was creative and one of its kind. They needed a messenger app that had interesting cool looking emoji characters that would express everyday emotions that people can relate to. They wanted over 150+ completely custom emojis that were full of life and personality. Projects like this, is what we look forward to and are passionate about. We were excited to help them out and make their vision a reality. After an excited brief we began to work up our brains and  started sketching the identity of the app first. The App was call “YakME”. So we decided to create a happy emoji that was speaking out loud. Replacing the typical loud streaks effects with thunder bolts to illustrate loud talking. We wanted to illustrate the emoji having a good time so we made sure to add a crease near the corner of his mouth to create a smile worth a million bucks.We then proceeded to finalize the logo and bring him to life using our 3d sofware.

“After creating a few sketches we found the perfect emoji for the app! It resonated happy, fun and an energetic feeling. We said to ourselves this is the one! And Sure enough our client felt the same and fell in love with their New Logo.”

Here’s how we did it

We started with Phase 1.  We create a flat 2D digital emoji to use as a foundation to transfer onto our 3d software to create the 3D model. Phase 2. Once we got the 2d flat image onto our 3d software, we traced each element individually from the 2d image and created a 3d wire frame of the emoji which is the skeleton of any 3d model. Then on to Phase 3. Here we added our custom materials over the wire frame to dress up the emoji. Phase 4. After adding the materials we added some proper lighting and a reflective environment to give the emoji a glossy and shiny effect. Phase 5. Finally we added the final  touches with some glow effects and color adjustments.

Designing the Emojis

Time is the most valuable thing in life, so our goal was to cut time out of texting by having each emoji express a persons current mood or situation as best as possible in a very entertaining and artistic way, without the need to text a long sentence. We started off by writing down a list of all the different emotions we experience on a day to day basis. Then we proceeded to sketch out each emoji and lay down the foundation before we digitize them.

Once we made the final tweaks on the sketch board, we scanned the sketches and took them onto our work stations to begin the digitize process. Creating these faces was extremely fun. Each character was designed with extreme detail and precision to reflect their own unique emotion. Each emoji was given a shiney polished glass texture to make them look new and sleek. We added a prop to each emoji to help them stand out a bit more from each other. We wanted to make sure each of these emoji characters looked alive, vivid and entertaining. And after putting our creative geniuses to work, we couldn’t be any happier with the end results!

After completing the entire set of 150+ emojis. Our client was ecstatic with the final results and the design was sent off to the developer. So, If you have a project that you’ve been wanting to get off ground or already have a project and would like to modify the design, give us a call and we’ll be  more than happy to help you.