If you’re not marketing every day, you’re not marketing enough

Good enough is never enough

Why “Good Enough” Is Never Sufficient In Marketing. When it comes to your tools and strategy, don’t settle for less. If you want your business to thrive you need to aspire to more than “good enough” or a quick fix. Go for the “A” outcome — say no to “good enough.” Loyalty Marketing is Not Enough. If you’re not marketing every day, you’re not marketing enough.

If you want your company to not just survive, but THRIVE, then you need to market your business – EVERY DAY AND THE RIGHT WAY AT THAT!

If you’re running a Business, you’re one of two things…

Either you’re profitable – you’re making enough to pay the bills, you take good care of your employees, you invest regularly back into your business, you take vacations where you can shut off your cell phone for a couple of weeks and actually enjoy time with your family…

Or, you’re struggling.

If you’re in the second camp, having a hard time making ends meet, juggling the expenses every month figuring out which will get paid and which will have to hold off, and simply hoping that next month will finally be a better month – you probably ask yourself on a regular basis, “What the heck do I need to do to get this right?!”

Well, odds are, you’re not marketing nearly enough.

Look Around you

Think about it for a moment… actually, just think about the first couple hours of your day today…

You rolled out of bed. Who’s the manufacturer that made your mattress? Your bed sheets? Who makes those pajamas you were wearing?

You got in the shower. Who makes the soap you used? Your shampoo? What about your razor you shaved with? Your toothpaste and your toothbrush?

Did you have breakfast? Who makes the cereal you had? Or yogurt, or banana or the bread you made your toast with? Did you eat out? Where? Who made the coffee you drank?

Everything you used today, just about every product you came in contact with, you purchased and you can name – because they advertise.

Just because you’re not a multi-national corporation does not excuse you from the need to do the same.

Do you need a multi-million dollar advertising budget to market your business? Heck no! There are plenty of ways you can market very effectively for little or even no money.

Business networking, cold-calling, promoting your website with SEO, partnering with industry partners and vendors, sending newsletters, participating in social media, asking clients for referrals, promoting new products or services to existing clients… all are very effective and low-or-no-cost ways to market your business if your creative enough.

The only thing you need to do is recognize the critical importance of marketing your business.

And then commit yourself to spending time each and every day towards marketing in one form or another.

“Because it is its purpose to create a customer, any business enterprise has two – and only these two – basic functions: marketing and innovation”
– Peter Drucker, Father of Modern Management

If you run an IT Support business, your primary role is not that of a technical support specialist… or a customer support manager… or an administrator… or even a team leader or general manager.

While you will no doubt have to wear each of these hats in one form or another, none of these roles is as important to the growth and success of your company than the role of marketer.

Become a marketer, spend time each and every day dedicated to marketing your business, and you will see a the transformation that has been eluding you up till now.