Getting Started On your Website

Please know, when you buy a website from us we’ll take care of everything for you!
We want to make the process easy and simple. Here are some tips to help you when taking the first step on getting your site started.

1. Choose a domain.

To get a new website online, you’re going to need a few things:

  • A domain name (a web address like
  • ( You can view its availability and buy your domain here)
  • Hosting (an online storage that will store your website files)
  • Privacy & Business Protection plan (Protect your private info.)
  • SiteLock Malware Scanner (Protect your files from viruses)
  • SSL Certificates (Needed only If you are accepting credit cards or any types of payments online)

Again if you prefer for us to help assist you, we will be more than happy too.


2. Know what you want your website to accomplish.

Spend time working on a list of goals or outcomes you’d like the website to help you accomplish. Do you want to showcase your products?  If so, do you want to sell them?  If your site is information-based, how do you want to present that information to your prospects?  And what exactly do you want to present? (A free consultation is always available to help assist you)

3. Gather information.

To better provide you a firm quote of the cost of your website, knowing what information will be placed on your site and how many photos and products (if any) you wish to include will help us better to provide you an accurate quote?  (Dont Have Content or Photos? No worries, we can always assist you with both content and photos.)

4. Lets get building.

Once you have gathered all your information and know what you want your website to accomplish, we will collect the information and begin construction.  During construction, we will give you an initial design concept for your approval.  Once approved, we will fill in the remaining content and create the website.  After the website is finished, both our project manger and the client will comb through the website with one final proofreading before the site is launched. (Ready to get started? Contact us.)

5. Market your website.

After the construction of the website is complete, and the site is launched, you will need to tell everyone (and we mean everyone) about your new website. We recommend to start marketing with a great commercial. A great video will better engage your audience and can easily be distributed through out social media. Using social media can help you connect with customers like never before. Social media should be used to bring a warmth and closeness between the customer and the business owner. Not to just sell products.  We use these guidelines when creating a commercial for a client:

    1. This is the product we have
    2. This is why/how it improves your life
    3. We are the people who make or sell it.
    4. This is why we think you need it in your life
    5. Let me show you some people who used it.

Following these steps will engage your customers better and will raise your probability to sell them your services at a higher rate. You dont want to be viewed as the company trying to shove products down peoples throat. You want to show people you care for them by demonstrating what you can do for them.  You want to create something that people can relate. Additional methods of marketing should be implemented to get your website working for you. Covering all areas such as print marketing, radio marketing, cross advertising marketing, Email Marketing, Event Marketing and Telemarketing will ensure you to dominate the market.

6. Maintain your website.

Regular updates and layout changes to your website will help insure potential customers return often.  Depending on your website, you should consider either daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly updates.  A complete overhaul and redesign should be done every so often you see fit to keep your look fresh.