Doritos Mix Commerical

The month of April 2017, we were up for another challenge! This time, we had to create a 30 sec commerical for Doritos new Chips “Doritos® Mix™”! Doritos® Mix™ combines four different Doritos® shapes and flavors in one bag for a crazy-good snacking experience. So our objective was to show each chip in a creative way.


I love to have a good time and make people laugh. People will remember a great time for a lifetime. So that was the goal here. So i wanted to do just that with this commercial. Here is how we got started. We started with the script that was provided by Doritos® Mix™. The core idea started with a guy calling his friend to come hang out at the club. The friend refuses to go and expresses he’s done with the night life. So he stays in and sees a bag of Doritos® Mix™. He opens the bag and eats a chip. As soon as he takes a bite, he gets a kick out of it and a unique sound is heard. He then proceeds to eat the other 3 types of chips, each creating their own unique sound. He then decides to eat the chips altogether creating a musical sound. After eating the chips he discovers he has magical dj skills and scratches away enthusiastically.  As the chips disappear so does his powers. With this idea we wanted to create a video that showed a fun experience when you eat Doritos Mix. So as soon as the chips were done, so was the fun experience. We wanted to have the actor create a funny/happy expression each time a chip was eaten so when he stuffed his face with the chips the music comes on and the fun begins! Hope you guys enjoyed the video as much as we did creating it. Enjoy!!!


You cant do anything without a team, so I want to thank everyone that contributed to help bring this altogether!! ! Thank guys!

Main Actor: Charlie Valdez

Hair Styled by :

Audio Producer: Adriel Ledguies

Dj Sound Effects by: Dj Krazy E

Filmed by
Camera Operator: Chris M.