Bruce Soto, Winner of the Doritos Football Jersey Design!

Im excited to share with you some amazing news!!!

Earlier this year DoritosLegionOfTheBold challenged Doritos® fans with a creative task. DoritosLegionOfTheBold was on the look for a unique football jersey design. They wanted their Doritos football jersey bold enough to be featured all over their social media feeds this 2017 football season. As soon I heard about it, I was up for the challenge!! My approach to the project was to create a jersey design that would look as great at any professional NFL jersey. Simple yet vivid.

Step 1
I started out with the nacho cheese jersey design since that was my favorite flavor then went on to design the cool ranch jersey design. I was going to stop there but my obsession to make an impression and go the extra mile led me to create another design, The Salsa Verde Flavor. Which happen to be their first choice lol! Thank god we didn’t stop on the 2nd design lol! I pulled some colors from the Doritos Salsa Verde chip bag and used that to build the color scheme.

Step 2
From there I decided to make green as the dominant color and place that onto the main center section of the jersey and work the other colors lightly into the design. I decided that making yellow the 2nd primary color was going to make the Doritos Logo pop and stand out.

Step 3
Lastly, I added a touch of white stripes on each side as the finishing touch and bam, finished. The design was then placed on a 3D model to give it that polished look and make the vision come to life!

Doritos Instagram
Doritos Instagram

Overall, I had a blast designing these jerseys and glad to have helped contributed to one of my favorite brand of chips, Doritos!! I’m ready for the next challenge so stay tune.

“I want to give a big thank you to Doritos for the opportunity to work with them and selecting my design, be sure to visit and follow them on Instagram to see what they got coming up next!” – Bruce Soto

Below you’ll see the other two submissions, the “Nacho Cheese” and “Cool Ranch” flavor design. Enjoy!